Solar power systems convert energy from the sunlight into electric power that is most commonly and widely used in your home electric system or offices. Over time, the savings from a lower electric bill-or eliminating your electricity bill completely-may eventually pay for the original cost of the solar power system. Unlike the fluctuating utility rates, the money you spend for a certain system will be fixed over time that is truly beneficial if you are on a fixed income or trying to stabilize cash flow in home economics.

Adopting solar power for your home electricity system is one noble way to contribute towards the sustainable development. Greener the fuel, the happier the world we live in. In order to use energy from this array, there is requirement of a few other components to make this process of solar electric system work, such as inverters, charge controllers and batteries. This system as whole along with the solar panels is known as Solar Electric System.

Solar Power System

The components of the Solar Electric System are purely system dependent. They vary from design to design and type of system installed. The different types of systems are explained in this next section of our article.

PV-DIRECT SYSTEMS: One of the simplest types of solar-electric systems comprising the least number of components (basically the PV array and the load). It is because these systems don not make use of batteries and are not hooked up to the utility. They are working for the loads only in the daytime i.e. when the sun is shining bright. These systems can be appropriately used for a limited applications, as water pumping and ventilation.

OFF-GRID SYSTEMS: Most commonly found working in remote locations without utility services. They operate independently from the grid in order to provide electricity to the entire household. They require battery backup for storage of the solar electricity for usage in night. It also serves the purpose in the rainy season. In the off-grid system, a charger controller is also used for the protection of the battery and prevents overcharging. Lastly, an inverter to convert the DC PV array power to AC for consumption with AC household appliances.

GRID-TIED SYSTEMS WITH BATTERY BACKUP: It is similar to the off-grid system with respect to the designing and components. The differentiating factor is the utility grid that reduces the system’srequirement for production of electricity

BATTERYLESS GRID-TIED SYSTEMS: These are the most common form of PV systems. Batteryless grid-tied systems are also known as on-grid, grid-tied, utility-interactive, grid-intertied, or grid-direct system. The electricity produced in this system is routed to the loads and the grid to be used in home and office electronics. It works with the PV array, inverter(s), electrical safety gear (i.e., fuses/breakers/disconnects/monitoring).

Why Choose a Solar Powered System for Your Home?

Solar energy is a great way to go for sustainable development. Solar energy is the cleanest form of energy and it is the need of the hour to reduce the pollution by cutting out the other forms of energy generation especially from coal and wood in remote areas. While the initial investment done for installment of Solar powered home system might sound a bit too much but it pays off after sometime, technically providing you electricity for free. Therefore, no harm to the environment as well as your pocket.

Solar energy is capable of providing electricity to a select set of appliances at your home. A well-designed solar electric system can also run your entire household but only difference is that you’ll need to invest more to have an entire home running on solar energy power. It totally depends on your need and your decision on making the investment. There are kits available for both kind of approaches to adopt solar electric system. The cost of the kit is mere investment that will give you a lot more saving and free electricity after a certain payback period.

Solar Electric Systems are easy to install in homes if you have the right kind of space for it. Kits containing a PV or photovoltaic collector unit allow the system to trap the energy from the sunrays through the solar panels and convert it into electricity. The kit comes with mounting frames and hardware so that you can position your solar panel to the best possible angle for trapping the maximum amount of sunlight. The best place to position your solar panel is on a south facing roof since there it can get sunlight for the longest period of time during the day.

How Solar Power System Works?

solar energy power system

The working of this system is briefly pointed out in four basic process steps that are as follows:

  • Sunlight falls on the solar panels and generate Direct Current (DC).
  • The DC is supplied to the solar inverter that is connected to the grid for conversion into 240V to 50Hz Alternating Current (AC).
  • The 240V AC is used in our homes for electric appliances to operate.
  • If there is surplus electricity, it is provided back into the main grid.

If a grid connected solar power system is producing more power than actual consumption then the surplus electricity is fed into the mains power grid. Some of the electricity companies add this electricity and provide a credit on your bill. On the other hand, when the solar cells are not producing power, your power is supplied by the mains power grid as usual. The retailer charges the usual rate for the power used. The components in a grid connect system have no moving parts, you can expect a long and hassle free life from your solar power system!

Getting Started With Home Solar Power System

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What is Smart Solar Box?

Smart Solar Box is creation of a 52-year-old mechanic, Ryan Tanner, from Milwaukee. This easy to follow guide goes in depth in explaining as to how an average homeowner can easily build an inexpensive solar power bank. On proper usage, it offers you an excellent opportunity to save as much as 70% off your power bill by the end of the month.

Features Of Smart Solar Box

  • Electric power saving: Smart solar box save at least 68% on electricity (Even some people claimed it up to 120% by scaling it up a bit) without spending time in building 1000 sqft of solar panels and paying thousands of dollars to build them.A battery charging will give 18-20 hours of free electricity that works everywhere and to be charged even if it is cloudy.
  • Portable and Affordable:It is small sized box that can be placed anywhere in the corner or can be carried along when you go camping. Once battery is charged it provides 18-20 hours of green electricity. It works anywhere on the earth and best thing is that it will charge even if whether is cloudy.This solar box is very light and portable. Also, it is good choice for natural disasters.
  • Wide range of Usage:You can supply power to any kind of household appliances right from juicers to toasters, to AC units.If you are shifting your home then also you’ll be able to have enough electricity for cooking and preserving your food.
  • Service and Maintenance:This product has very low maintenance. You just need to clean the panels once in a while or cleaning of the boxes is required every 6 months.
  • Silent Power generation:This solar box is noise free and can be placed anywhere in the house.

How Smart Solar Box Works For Your Home?

  • A battery charging will give 18-20 hours of free electricity that works everywhere and to be charged even if it is cloudy.
  • You’ll be able to feed any type of electrical lamps and toasters, air conditioning units with cents anytime anywhere are completely legal without violating the law.
  • You will still be able to have enough electricity for cooking and preserving food while others will ask for a piece of bread. This small device is very light and portable, ideal for natural disasters and more.
  • Only clean the panels occasionally and dust boxes every six months and no noise around it. It is quick to hide if things are going crazy and thieves will be on the street.

Benefits Of Smart Solar Box

  • It offers video and user-friendly guide to support you.
  • This unique system can be built for less than $ 200, and most of the components can be purchased from local shops, garages or online.
  • Everything you are about to learn today about building your device is silly but only if you know how to do it correctly, it’s useful.
  • The System is absolutely danger free.
  • Anyone can have their money-saving device properly installed in less than 4 hours, and that will reduce your electricity bill by 68% or more from today.
  • This program is enhanced with a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Money Back Guarantee?

solar energy system

Smart Solar Box Comes with 100% money back guarantee. You can order a copy now and try it out for a full 60 days. In case, you are not satisfied just write them a few lines on your private support page. You will get a refund from them within 24 hours.

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You Need Smart Solar Box!

solar powered system

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solar electricity system

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